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vacation industry review




Interval International has introduced several enhancements to its Interval

Sales Tool Kit (STK)

app in order to create even more dynamic and

robust presentations, with access to more technology and content.

Upgrades include:

More Web-based content

, such as YouTube, which can be easily

incorporated and showcased along with resort and developer information


, an enhancement to the Vacation Calculator that graphically

displays the cost of timeshare versus hotels in a more interactive fashion

STK Powers up,

Customizes Even Further

Interval Introduces

New Elite Resort Tier

D E V E L O P E R ’ S P I C K

Mussulo Resort by Mantra

On Brazil’s northeastern coast in the state of Paraíba,

Mussulo Resort is one of the first all-inclusive resorts in the

region, significant because more than two-thirds of

Interval’s Brazilian members surveyed have an interest in

staying in an all-inclusive resort. The property includes

102 one- and two-bedroom bungalows furnished with

items handcrafted in Brazil and Angola in northeast Africa,

home to one of Mantra Group’s founders.


, allowing sales professionals to emphasize

key sections of their presentations by drawing and writing

directly onto their iPad screen

“Today’s digital-savvy buyer expects a customized and

relevant sales experience,” says Bryan Ten Broek, Interval’s

senior vice president of resort sales and marketing. “Whether

speaking to a first-time buyer or upgrading an owner, STK can

help developers tailor their presentations with easy access to

A Quality Rating System (QRS) resort inspection conducted by LRA

by Deloitte, a leader in the field of customer experience measurement

Elite Qualifying Criteria (EQC) points, based on multiple combined

factors from resort location to sheet thread count

A high Consumer Satisfaction Index (CSI) score

Positive consumer reviews on external travel and leisure sites

As more luxurious and lavish resorts enter the market and push the bar

higher than ever, the definition of “quality” continues to evolve. Known

for decades as The Quality Vacation Exchange Network


, Interval

International has always sought to affiliate resorts that offer exceptional

vacations. And now, the exchange company has launched a top

recognition tier — Elite — which joins the Premier and Select tiers.

Interval International Elite Resorts are the very best of Interval’s network,

providing an extraordinary vacation experience, exceptional service,

and luxurious features and appointments.

Currently, 125 affiliated resorts are recognized as Elite and are iden-

tified in the online

Resort Directory

by a lotus, a longstanding symbol of

purity and perfection.

Elite status is awarded based upon a combination of qualitative and

quantitative scoring elements including:

The new tier designation launched online December 1, 2015, and a

description of the Elite tier is included on the Resort Recognition program

page in the new

Travel Planner.

An announcement is also scheduled for

the Spring 2016 edition of

Interval World .

For additional clarification, an

explanation will be included in the FAQs on Community.

“Interval International has been recognized as The Quality Vacation

Exchange Network since its earliest days,” says David Gilbert, Interval’s

president. “And as we reach our 40th year in the business, the creation of

the Elite recognition tier is a further reflection of our commitment to the

remarkable vacations our members can experience through their shared

ownership and exchange benefit.”